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Agricultural aviation is an important part of the overall aviation and agriculture industries. The industry consists of small businesses and pilots that use aircraft to aid farmers in producing a safe, affordable and abundant supply of food, fiber and biofuel. Aerial applicators protect forestry and play an important role in protecting the public by combating mosquitoes carrying West Nile Virus, encephalitis and other diseases.


Aerial applicators are highly trained professionals who have made a very large investment in their business. Like all Americans, they are concerned with human health, the environment, security and performing their job in a responsible manner.




The premier suppliers pf parts and services for all of your agricultural aviation operation's needs belong to the NCAAA as Allied Industry Members.  Their support of operators' businesses and the NCAAA is invaluable.

NAAREF Operation S.A.F.E.

Operation S.A.F.E. (Self-regulating Application & Flight Efficiency), developed in 1981, was designed to clearly demonstrate that ag aviation recognizes its responsibility to minimize the potential for adverse health and environmental effects of agricultural chemical application.



  • NAAA has prevented costly user fees from being charged to ag aircraft by convincing lawmakers to exempt agricultural aircraft from user fees. 

  • NAAA successfully lobbied Congress to enact legislation providing more than $4 million in annual federal fuel tax relief for U.S. aerial applicators.

  • Agricultural aviators are saving thousands of dollars a year at a minimum as a result of these efforts—savings that are 10 times greater, on average, than your annual national and state association membership dues combined!

Athena Project

The Athena Project details how to strengthen client and customer relationships. This will be helpful to the wives who work in the aerial application business and office workers because they are often the first people that clients and customers communicate with.

Each year, the Athena Project is presented at the NAAA Convention and various state/regional conventions. This Support Committee (previously the WNAAA) sponsor this educational program specifically designed to provide support to the women of the agricultural aviation industry. The goal is to improve the effectiveness of its people by building a practical program on a solid foundation.




“Upon the Performance of Each Rests the Fate of All”

In 1996, NAAREF instituted the Professional Aerial Applicators' Support System (PAASS). PAASS is a program that educates pilots on key safety and drift minimization issues important to flying, modern agriculture and crop protection.

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